Tuesday, October 14, 2003

Is this not the sweetest thing ever? =]
"I don't see why people spend so much time looking into the heavens searching for sparkling stars, when the brightest ones are found here on Earth. It is amazing that the one I found was allowed to fall into my arms, as I am continually blinded by the luminescent beauty that radiates from every look, gesture, and smile."
[quoted from Brian's profile]

Monday, October 13, 2003

I had the best birthday this year.
Friday: Had my BIG celebration dinner at Hua-Hin. Yes, yes; it's a Thai restaurant and I don't like Thai food. It just happens to be the only semi-decent restaurant in Berkeley that eveyone could get to (not enough cars to go elsewhere). Anyhow, lots of people showed up (I didn't realize I knew that many people). So I had my suitemates on one side of the table and my CS friends on the other side. But yeah. It was fun. After dinner, we went over to Li's place (thanks for letting me borrow it!) and proceeded to get drunk. Heh. That was fun. I'm quite amusing when I drink. We had an orgy-like thing. After awhile, I kind of just passed out on top of Brian (after making out with him for a good amount of time first, or course). In any case, it seemed like everybody had fun, so that's all good.
Saturday: Ed drove up to celebrate our birthdays (Brian and me). So Holly, Ed, Brian, and I went to House of Prime Rib in San Francisco. Mmm... prime rib... It was really good. Then we had to HAUL ASS to The Geary Theater where we saw Les Liaisons Dangereuses. We were running really late after dinner and we were speed walking for a mile from the restaurant to the theater. We actually made pretty good time. After the play, we headed back to Berkeley where we went to Mondo Gelato for ice cream. Then to our spot...
Sunday: At the lookout spot, I had the most amazing, wonderful moment of my life. Brian gave me a beautiful ring from Tiffany's. From that moment, I pledged myself to him and him to me.... That night, he made me dinner and we had champagne to celebrate our many special moments to come. With him, forever really does mean forever.