Sunday, November 09, 2008


It's the sun rising in the East.
It's the sun setting in the West.

It's the morning dew on a blade of grass.
It's the crisp evening chill against your face.

It's the one that "got away."
It's the one you wake up with in the morning.

It's the aroma of coffee roasting when you wake.
It's the warmth of a blanket around you while you sleep.

It's everything you are.
It's everything you are not.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

On this day, I am proud to be an American and to be a part of a historic occasion in abolishing hatred and inequality. In record numbers, people rushed to the polls and elected our first African-American president in a landslide victory, proving that above all, we the people of the United States are putting our hope for change in a man based on something valid and real as opposed to the color of his skin.

Today, I smile for the long and difficult journey we have taken to reach this momentous occasion in realizing the Truth in "All Men Are Created Equal."

The journey, however, does not end here; there are still many obstacles we have yet to overcome.

Today, I weep for the continued bigotry decided by the Californian people.

While we have made leaps and bounds in Civil Rights and Women's Lib, we have yet to extend that same courtesy to the Gay Community. The passage of California Proposition 8 not only amends our Constitution to ban gay marriages, it stands to promote unfairness and inequality among the people.

Not so long ago, anti-miscegenation laws were in effect in the United States, banning interracial marriages. The Supreme Court voted these laws as unconstitutional in 1967 and were henceforth abolished. Nonetheless, it took South Carolina until 1998 and Alabama until 2000 to officially amend their respective states' constitution to validate this ruling. Even in this modern age, there are still testaments of discrimination toward interracial couples, to which I can personally attest to.

In passing California Proposition 8, we are again allowing the state to dictate the difference and separation of people. I am disgusted and ashamed to be a part of this occasion in which we knowingly and decidingly CHOOSE to discriminate, flaunt ignorance, and demonstrate bigotry.

I hope to see the day that there is true equality. Today is not that day. Tomorrow is a new day that we can put our faith in hope, change, and "Yes, we can!"

Please sign the petition to re-open Prop 8.