Wednesday, April 14, 2004

What is it with Berkeley and jay-walking? If you're going to jay-walk, at least do it responsibly! Didn't your mother ever tell you to look both ways before crossing the street? Damn. Don't assume that people are going to stop for you just because you're a pedestrian. You wanna die anytime soon?
The other night, I was hanging out with Brian, Holly, and Ed and we were just driving around aimlessly, searching for something to do. As we approach the light at Fulton and Durant, a group of students are slowly jay-walking across the street, not a care in the world. Upon seeing this, Ed revs up. They look over, get scared, and run across the street. Quite amusing. Should've just run them over.
Ed and Brian have this ingenious idea to have "hit-a-pedestrian passes" -- you know, kind of like a "get-out-of-jail-free card." Haha. That would make an interesting platform if one of them were to ever run for office. "If I am elected, I will hand out hit-a-pedestrian passes so that you can mow over those stupid jay-walkers without consequences. Stupidity must lead to their downfall, anyway." And then, from me, "Can we have hit-an-ugly-person passes, too?" Haha. I'm evil.
So if you live in Berkeley -- BEWARE! Jay-walk responsibly (especially if you're ugly) because I won't give it a second thought to plow you over!