my inspirations

I am extremely privileged to be surrounded by the most amazing, talented, ambitious, creative, and intelligent people in the world. Every day, I am inspired to set the bar even higher because I hope one day to reach their level.

"I have always been an admirer. I regard the gift of admiration as indispensable if one is to amount to something; I don't know where I would be without it."

- Francois de La Rochefoucauld

All things squishy

This is a blog written by my friend, Carolen. She is one of the most intelligent and hard working people I've ever come across; I'm lucky that she was my partner and teammate in so many Computer Science projects while we were in college together. Check out her blog as she discusses what it takes to train for marathons and how to keep fit and healthy while balancing a great social life.


This is a blog written by my friend, Cecily. She is the sweetest, easy-going, and fun person around and I am so grateful to have had her stability during my short yet crazy stint working for a comedy club. Follow her blog and find the latest outerwear fashion picks while staying up-to-date with a normal Asian girl working for a meshugenah of a comedy club owner.

conscious cins

This is a blog written by my friend, Cindy. She is one of the most thoughtful, talented, creative, and artistic people in the world. She is also the one who designed the butterfly logo used on my blog. I have been fortunate enough to have known her since middle school and she has never failed to impress me. Read her blog for all the latest in graphics, design, and all things aesthetic.

Creative Crash

This is a platform, community, and marketplace website for 2D and 3D modeling as well as other techie fascinations; it was designed and created by my friend, Will. Truly and amazingly creative, driven, intelligent, artistic and incredibly hard working, Will is one of those people that never fails to astound me - every story and piece of work he has shared with me moves me to the point of speechlessness. Take a tour of his website and check out the latest in computer graphics and design.

Dom Irrera
This is a website devoted to comedian Dom Irrera, who I also have the privilege of calling friend. Dom is incredibly funny, witty, charming, and generous. Lucky for me that even though I'm not Italian, I'm now a part of the "family." Look around his website, check the calendar to see if he'll be appearing anywhere near you, and be prepared to laugh until it hurts!

Kevin Avery

This is a website devoted to comedian, actor, and writer Kevin Avery. He is not only exceptionally funny, passionate, and talented, he is also a wonderful friend with great advice on just about everything. When he makes it big (and he will), I just want him to remember who (that's me) was there supporting him even through times of food poisoning and "carlessness." Take a peek at his website, watch the videos, and then laugh and be grateful for all great comedy like Kevin's.

Project Michelle

This is a website and project dedicated to my friend, Michelle. Diagnosed with Leukemia, Michelle fought bravely. Her husband, family, and friends created Project Michelle in an attempt to find a bone marrow donor match to save Michelle's life. Michelle was truly an amazing, caring, wonderful, loving, and generous person. Her memory will always live on in the people that loved her. I am extremely grateful to have had the chance to meet and spend time with Michelle. Project Michelle continues in their attempt to educate and search out bone marrow donors and matches. I love you, Michelle. I know you're watching us from above.

Reggie Steele

This is a website devoted to actor and comedian Reggie Steele. Here's a guy that can make a girl laugh while completely charming her pants off with his wit, flirtatiousness, and incredibly good looks. Did I also mention that he played college basketball for a Division I team? Wait a minute... did I just describe the perfect guy for me? =D Good thing Reggie and I are flirting buddies. Check out his website and make sure to attend any shows he is appearing in around you!

Rohit's Realm

This is my friend, Rohit's, personal website - which is really just a place he can post his blog and photos on his own server. Ever so cynical, Rohit has an interesting view on life and its events all the while being told ever so eloquently. He's an incredible writer and extremely intelligent having mastered engineering, microbiology, and now law. Read some of Rohit's blog posts - but just remember to remain hopeful. I know he's really an optimist at heart; he's just good at hiding it.

W. Kamau Bell

This is a website devoted to writer and comedian W. Kamau Bell. He's hilarious, smart, and will end racism in about an hour (at least for those who watch his show). He's been featured in the SF Chronicle, has been compared to comedian Dave Chappelle, and Margaret Cho thinks he's "the most important guy doing comedy right now." I agree. Oh, yeah. SF Weekly called him handsome. He's pretty excited about that and wants everyone to know. Check out his website and if you get the chance, his show is a MUST SEE.