Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Yesterday, I was told by my mother that at 25, I am too old to be out late every night having fun. It is time that I settle down and find a "reliable man" to share my life with; it is time that I stop chasing "cute boys" because I am too old to be playing those games. She said that I should lower my standards, trash those silly romantic notions, and just find a man who can support me financially because I shouldn't and COULDN'T do it alone.

I related this to my recent trip to the movies with some girlfriends. We went to see what we all deem to be a "chick flick": Bride Wars. To no surprise, the theater was overflowing with groups of women gathering together to watch this film on opening night, even selling out at several showings. Amongst the women, I heard an endless amount of gossiping, giggling, and "girl talk," mostly consisting of, "Who needs men anyway, girls?!" To this, I silently nodded and agreed, "I don't need a man!" Somewhere towards the end of the movie, I realized I was surrounded by females dabbing at the corner of their eyes, some even had tears streaming down their faces. What is it about these silly romantic comedies that get to the fairer sex? I will admit to having cried during many of these types of films; yeah, I'm a sucker.

I walked out of the theater that night feeling more hopeless than ever. "Will I ever find that 'happily ever after'?" This night of supposed female empowerment turned quite the opposite. What was to be expected? We went to see a romantic comedy about weddings. Who in their right minds would believe that this night to the movies would make for a great single girls' night out? If anything, it only serves to highlight the things you secretly desire the most yet could not even hope to have because it goes against the institution of "Girl Power." I am an independent woman; I don't need romance, a man, or a wedding! I scoff at those females who need a man to complete their lives! Oh, please.

I am really as independent as they get. I don't need that "reliable man" to provide for me as my mother so aptly puts it. It's taken me quite a long time to realize and envision such things, but I am finally able to see my life without a man. I actually do believe that I can be quite content and comfortable with a life on my own, seeing to my own needs and desires. But I want MORE. I want to wake up next to a man every morning and know that I could be fine on my own, but feel a depth of love for him that makes me more than "just fine"... it completes me.