Wednesday, July 31, 2002

"Is sex dirty? Only if it's done right." -Woody Allen
So I'm tired. Exhausted. I want to fall back on my bed and just lie there doing nothing. But no. I have to write CAPTURE THE FLAG in Java. Isn't that just lovely? Can you sense the bitterness oozing out of me? Never again! Summer is for FUN IN THE SUN, not PROGRAMMING IN A DUNGEON.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

"What kind of love is this that keeps me hanging on despite everything it's doing to me?" -Sarah Mclachlan
So my midterm is today. Hooray. I'm not nearly close to being adequately preprared, yet I'm taking the time to write in my blog. Hmmm. I really need to get my priorities straightened out.

Monday, July 29, 2002

"The knowledge that can destroy a person is knowing that the one you love cannot love you back." -Anonymous
So I've been moody of late. I think it's because I'm on my rag and whatnot. Not that this has ever happened to me before. I woke up from my nap and my place looked so empty and I just got really upset. Then I looked at some pictures of friends back home and I got really sad. I shouldn't even be thinking abuot high school because it's always made me really upset and angry. So yeah. I know I've been kind of *strange* and snappy, so I'm sorry.
It's because I'm a girl. (Isn't that the BEST excuse?)

Saturday, July 27, 2002

Even though this class is killing my life outside of it, I must say that I'm glad I'm taking it now.
I find that I was really quite isolated last year. I guess living at Foothill can do that to a person. You kind of just form your group around the suite you live in. You don't really get the social atmosphere of the regular dorms. But whatever. So yeah. I didn't really get to know anyone else outside of my dorm. Well, besides Desmond and his friends. Like I never really talked to anyone in my classes. If ever had to work someone, I'd either pick someone random and forget his/her name after the class ended or I'd pick someone who I had some relation with (e.g. Charlie --> Ken's roommate --> Jon's high school friend --> my suitemate). But being in this class has really taught me to talk to everyone and I've met so many people (even if it is in the dungeons of Soda Hall).
This does not make me hate the work load any less because I still hate it. I'm stressed out all the time and this class makes me feel incredibly stupid. I've never had the feeling like I couldn't do something before. This class makes me feel it. But I'm not alone in it.

Sunday, July 21, 2002

"Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go." -Herman Hesse
Spent the day in Soda. What a bummer. But I guess that's the life of a CS major. I think CS has made me dull. It used to be all about learning and expanding my horizons. These days, I dread going to class, spending my days and nights in lab, afraid that I won't finish homework. It's really made me despise school.

Thursday, July 18, 2002

Who needs meaningful variable names when you have shmeh1 and shmeh2? Let's not forget o, oi, and oii. Heh. =]

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

"I know something about love -- you gotta want it bad. If that guy's gotten into your blood, go out and get him. If you want him to make your heart sing out.. if you want him to only think of you... here's the thing to do: Tell him that you're never gonna leave him. Tell him that you're always gonna love him. Tell him; tell him right now."
This is where Ally would run after Billy, Larry, Victor, or whoever. Her theme song is so great.

Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Finally finished with project 1 in my cs class. I was ready to die. Stupid spreadsheet.
But yeah. I've been pretty busy as of late. It's quite depressing. I don't have time to do anything else except program. This is what happens when I take such a hard class in summer school. Eh. Not much I can do about it now. Everyone else is dropping (or has already dropped) and I'm kind of upset because there's not going to be too many people for me to partner with on homework, projects, and whatnot. I'm not about to drop the class since I don't believe in quitting... so yeah.
I'm not too amused with the weather lately. Is it hot or is it cold? C'mon! I have class in the morning AND in the afternoon. I don't want to have to change clothes because it gets hot later. And then it gets all cold and I have to change back.
I know I'm being whiny... but it's my BLOG. So there.

Thursday, July 04, 2002

So much for "DAILY DOSAGE." It's been awhile. It's been a strange week. I think everyone will start to feel better once it's over. I'm ready for a vacation.