Tuesday, July 27, 2004

How to make a Tammy

5 parts success

5 parts self-sufficiency

1 part empathy
Combine in a tall glass half filled with crushed ice. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of caring

Friday, July 09, 2004

Mmmmm... sleepy time. It's been an eventful week. =] I'm ready for some good, old fashioned rest, though.
On Sunday, we threw a Fourth of July barbecue get-together. There were so many people! We bought so much food and we still ran out. I'm glad, though, because I didn't want to be eating barbecue for the rest of the week. Leave it to the black man to make good barbecue (heaven forbid we let asian people do it!). =] That night, we watched the fireworks from our AMAZING view. Heh heh. It pays to be on the 16th floor, eh? We could see fireworks from so many different places; it was really nice.
On Tuesday, I had my first day of work. I'm working at the IBM Almaden (pronounced ahl-mah-den... thanks, Ken, for that correction before I sorely embarrassed myself at work) Research Center for eight weeks on the WebFountain project. It's it the middle of nowhere! Well, kind of. It's on top of this hill and we have to take this windy, mountain-ish sort of road for about two miles before we reach it. I don't get cell phone reception there, either. It's quite a long commute from Emeryville, too. Shmeh. I deal. So far, I've just been reading all the documentation (nothing terribly exciting). But it all sounds very interesting. I'm pretty excited about it (so you should be, too!).
I don't get my own office at work, which kind of sucks. I work with one other person, who happens to be a Berkeley grad student in the SIMS department. She's nice and we seem to be getting along pretty well. We share a room with two other groups (but one of them finished today, so they'll be gone for the remainder of the time). Apparently, IBM sends people from all over the world on assignments at different locations. The group that finished today consisted of an Australian, a South African, and an American. They were a fun bunch; really outspoken and had that dry sense of humor I really enjoy. The other group in the room consists of people from Australia, England, and the Philippines. They're pretty amusing, too. =]
I'm glad the weekend is coming up. I really want to see King Arthur (Keira Knightley is so pretty!). =] So yeah. Time for some relaxation! (Well, when it hits 5:30pm, at least).