Sunday, April 12, 2009

Today, I did something completely out of character and wildly astounding: I went to see a movie, at a theater, BY MYSELF. Shocking, isn't it?

A few months ago, I decided that if I was really going to do the "single" thing and be the independent woman I struggle to be, then I needed to suck it up and be able to go to the theater alone. For months, I've been putting it off with one excuse or another. But no more! This morning, I ventured into the unknown.

The result? I LOVED IT.

Granted, I did go see the first showing of Duplicity (Julia Roberts, Clive Owen) at 10:15am to the overwhelming crowd in the theater of three people, so there was very little embarrassment on my part involved. And since I had no intention of impressing anyone in the early hours of a sleepy Easter Sunday morning, I went in lounge pants and glasses. The best part, matinee priced tickets at $6! You've read that correctly - $6! You really can't beat that.

I've decided to make a routine out of it. Every Sunday morning (movies currently playing permitted), I will venture out to the local cinema and partake in the first showing of a movie... ALONE. I highly recommend it.